The FRENIC-Mini (C2) features a full range of functions, a compact body, simple operation and global compatibility!

Standard functions of the FRENIC-Mini include high starting torque, synchronous motor control, optimum energy savings, PID control and built-in Modbus RTU.

The optional NEMA/UL Type 1 kit allows you to use this drive in stand alone applications.

The Fuji FRENIC-Mini has a simplified torque vector control system with automatic torque boost function.

  • Fan, Pump applications: automatic energy-saving function, PID control function, and cooling fan ON/OFF control function
  • Target industries include transverse conveyors, conveyors for food processing, mixers, chemical equipment and wood processing machines

With improved voltage control capability and reduced motor instability at low speed (about half compared with that of conventional models at 1Hz), the Mini can be used to drive mixers, chemical equipment, wood processing machines and a range of other applications.

Fuji is the world’s top manufacturer of general purpose inverters in the 5hp or below class!



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Best known for: High quality… Fuji drives come with a 2 year warranty!
Our favorite product: FRENIC-Mini
Fun fact: Fuji is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of IGBT modules
Newest product release: FRENIC-Ace
Warranty: Fuji drives come with a 2 year warranty!


Enclosure UL Open Type (IP20)
Optional UL Type 1
Ambient Temperature +14 to +122°F (-10 to +50°C) – UL Open Type
+14 to +104°F (-10 to +40°C) – UL Type 1
Storage Temperature -13 to +158°F (-25 to +70°C)
Humidity 5% to 95% With No Condensation
Altitude 0 to 3,300 ft. (1,000 m) Without Derating
Derate Output Current for Higher Altitudes per User’s Manual


Input Voltage: Range-Phase 200-240VAC – 3 Phase
200-240VAC – 1-Phase with Derating
Input Voltage: Tolerance, Unbalance 3 – Phase Input = +10% to -15%, <2%
Input Frequency: Nominal, Tolerance 50/60Hz, +/-5%
Displacement Power Factor >0.98 (@ Rated Load)
Output Voltage: Range-Phase 0 to Maximum Input Voltage -3 Phase
Maximum Output Frequency 400Hz
Rated Output Current 19.1
Nominal Applied Motor HP (KW) 5(3.7)
Motor Control Method Induction Motor: V/f Control
Dynamic Torque Vector Control
Slip Compensation
Auto-Torque Boost
Automatic Energy Savings
Synchronous Motor (PMAC): Sensorless Magnetic Positioning [speed control range: 10% of base frequency and up
Overload Capacity 150% Rated Current for 1 minute.
200% Rated Current for 0.5 second
Analog Inputs Qty 1: 0 to +10VDC
Qty 1: 0/4-20mA
Digital Inputs Qty 5: Programmable
Analog Outputs Qty 1: 0 to +10VDC, User Selectable Proportional Analog Signal Functionality
Digital Outputs Qty 1: Form C (1N.O. & 1N.C.) Dry Contacts Rated 0.3A @ 230V Max, User Selectable Functionality
Qty 1: Transistor Output Rated 50mA @ 27Vdc Max, User Selectable Functionality
Power Supply Qty 1: 24VDC, 50mA Max