WINCO 彩色沾板(包邮)


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Food preparation is one of the most important aspects in your kitchen! Whether you’re operating a bakery, cafe, deli, or 5-star restaurant, it’s important to safely and effectively prepare your menu items, and with the help of this 12″ x 18″ poly green cutting board, now it’s easier than ever to practice safe methods! This cutting board is made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene meaning it won’t stain and won’t absorb any juices, bacteria, or odors. Also, due to its material composition, it won’t dull your knife’s blade. Use this cutting board for cutting any items; however, it is important to adapt a color code system in your restaurant to prevent cross-contamination and to engage in food allergy management.

By following a color coded system, this green cutting board is ideally used for fruits and veggies. Prepare anything from watermelon and other fruits to broccoli, carrots, and more vegetables! You can invest in cutting board mats (sold separately) to place under your board to prevent slipping and injury! Start practicing safe food prep methods today!




重量 10 lbs
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winco 砧板尺寸

1"厚度 CBXH-12"x18" 白色, 1"厚度 CBXH-15"x20" 白色, ½“厚度 CBGB-15"x20” 绿色, ½“厚度 CBGR-12"x18” 绿色, ½“厚度 CBRD-12"x18” 红色, ½“厚度 CBWT-12"x18” 白色, ½“厚度 CBWT-15"x20” 白色, ¾”厚度 CBH-12"x18" 白色, ¾”厚度 CBH-15″x20" 白色